I’m winning the lady lottery when you clap for my stories

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I feel like I’ve won the LADY LOTTERY — cha-ching as claps reveal that anyone is interested in what I have to say. Seriously, thank you so much for reading, responding and for sharing.💋

There’s a short list of female authors who’ve hit the big time later in life and…

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It would be like sitting too long in a hard chair. Or trying to walk with a pebble in my shoe. A forgotten tag in a new blouse that scratched at my back. I thought that grief would be like that. A magpie funeral. Uncomfortable and painful — but temporary.

Death was still a stranger then.

Illustration 21568302 © Ateliersommerland | Dreamstime.com

The tiny hand-painted doors and mushroom-shaped houses are nestled at the base of Ficus tree trunks, constructed inside pots or shyly peeking out under hedges. I search the small pathways and wee ladders for signs of footprints: proof of the fairies, gnomes and mythical creatures who’ve moved into our neighborhoods.

I’ve been happily married for 28 years. OK, truthfully, most of it has been happy. What long marriage hasn’t been dented a bit? Still, I wouldn’t trade it for the single life. …

If we’d learned from BABY X perhaps society would be further along

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I grew up in Texas, where football was at the top of the sports heap, and other athletes scuffled for attention. Players wore their tight-fitting jerseys for Friday pep rallies while our silky-haired cheerleaders twirled their short skirts on the sidelines. Everyone else ogled these high school and college celebrities.

We’ll have memories instead of music in April

Photo by Author

If you know, you know.

First Time: That Festival in the Desert

I don’t know my way the first time. I don’t realize that the wind farm will become my guidepost. The ribbon of highway will lead me past it; I’ll stare at the white metal blades slicing the pale blue sky. So many of them, as far as the eyes can…

Lighting the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool isn’t enough

Illustration © Rachell Coe https://www.dreamstime.com

The first funeral I ever attended was for my Grandfather. Standing by his graveside on a steamy Miami morning, I paid attention to the despair surrounding me. Tears quietly streamed down my Grandmother’s face; my mother and her sisters bowed their heads. I cringed as the mounds of dirt thumped…

I’m one of the 12 million unemployed people in live events, one tiny cog among so many whose lives braked to a full stop in March. People across the industry are working to breathe life into it, but will it come soon enough for us?

Coachella 2017: My Festival Transport — photo of the author

When the SXSW festival was…

Taking care of everyone in the family requires better planning during COVID-19.

Illustration 58342869 © Olha Primovich Hrabar | Dreamstime.com

Her green eyes followed me as I paced the hospital room with the phone against my ear, talking to the doctor. She was quiet and frightened: a fragile child wearing a scratchy blue gown. …

How ‘Saudade’ describes what I’m feeling right now

Every day I roll words around in my head like glass marbles. I examine them, I flick them across a room, aiming to hit on one that feels right. I’m trying to express the feeling I’m having, the one many of us are having at this moment.

We’re seven months…


Former movie popcorn server, singing telegram, celebrity publicist, marketing maven and event producer. Finally adding writer to the list. @muddygirlmedia.

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