What Being Caught in the Middle of the Sandwich Generation Means Now

Taking care of everyone in the family requires better planning during COVID-19.

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Illustration 58342869 © Olha Primovich Hrabar | Dreamstime.com

We were trying out the words “empty nesters” with friends and family. It rolled around our mouths pretty well.

Then — in March — the pandemic shut the door on those dreams. Both of us watched work and money dry up. People we know got sick; some died. The house became our ship of safety.

The middle stage of parenting. I hope I’m here for a while longer.

It’s never too early to discuss caregiving and end-of-life plans.

It’s never too early to make your own plans, especially if you have young children.

Planning ahead is less emotional and expensive than waiting.

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Former movie popcorn server, singing telegram, celebrity publicist, marketing maven and event producer. Finally adding writer to the list. @muddygirlmedia.

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