My Life Story in 100+ words

I’m winning the lady lottery when you clap for my stories

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Illustration Valeriy Kachaev —

Fourth generation of firstborn daughters — matriarchal family — women who paved their way — abortionist, shopkeeper, psychotherapist and me: the wanna be.

Sagittarian from New Orleans. Started out as White Gloves & Party Manners, became The Mad Hussy and still a Muddy Girl. Raised in small-town Texas, the astronaut’s backyard; Jews were in short-supply but anti-semitism wasn’t.

Broken family — Peyton Place — where Mom remarried well but Dad had alcoholic, abusive girlfriends before the ‘good’ wife. Austin, LA, NYC, LA. College, job, grad school, more jobs. Happy marriage — 3 kids, 3 dogs, life and death, love and loss. Finally writing.

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Former movie popcorn server, singing telegram, celebrity publicist, marketing maven and event producer. Finally adding writer to the list. @muddygirlmedia.

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